UNIMEIX Eye Makeup Brushes for your beautiful glowing skin

Q. What brushes are needed for eyeshadow?

A. Facial makeup brushes and Eyeshadow makeup brushes are very different from one another. Here is top 5 best essential eyeshadow brush which you can use for your eye makeup

  1. Eyes Shader Blush
  2. Eyeshadow Blending Brush
  3. Angled Liner Brush
  4. Pencil Brush
  5. Smudge Brush

Q. What is a smudge brush?

A. It’s a very short curved brush. Which is very smooth and gives the perfect shape in color along with the best lash line for a smoky look.

UNIMEIX 20 Pcs Professional Makeup Brushes

Women always need best makeup brush for their beautiful makeup products. That’s UNIMEIX gives you 20 Pcs of Professional Makeup Brushes which gives you affordable, pretty & soft look into your face. It will not only use for makeup also for cleaning nails after a manicure. You can also use this brush for painting. This set of brushes is made with very high-quality materials & also it’s a very great value product. It’s very good to use for those teenagers & the younger kid who just starting out using makeup. UNIMEIX is a very soft brush to applying eyeshadow & other makeup into your face. None of the brush gives you too stiff. It’s one of the best-selling makeup brushes for women who wants glowing looking & beautiful finish into their face.

About the product

●UNIMEIX Makeup Brushes is made of with premium synthetic which is synthetic fiber materials which provides the best touch & feel for your natural beauty & leaves a flawless finishing into your beautiful face.

●It’s a perfect professional eye makeup tool kit. Some of the essential eyes brushes basically made for liquids, creams or powders to produce eye makeup application. This brush of boxes contains with an eye shadow brush, eyeliner brush, mascara brush, foundation brush, concealer brush, eyebrow brush, lip brush for daily use.

●This sets of the brush are very soft & the weight is very appropriate. All this brush is very extremely soft & easy to carry also easy to hold all of your makeup all day long. It’s a perfect makeup kit for those women who have normal to sensitive skin problems.

●Those brushes are very easy to clean & don’t drop any makeup or absorb any pigments.

●If you are not satisfied with this product then we give you a 100% money back guarantee.

Why you will choose synthetic brush?

●UNIMEIX Synthetic brushes one of the best makeup brushes which can be used to layer makeup powder & application of creams, liquid, foundation, blushes & concealer.

●This synthetic brush has natural hair bristles which are very easy to clean.

●This Synthetic brush does not drop any makeups or absorbs any pigment.

List of Makeup Brushes

1# Flat-top Shadow Brush

2# Foundation Brush

3# Eyeshadow Brush

4# Angle top Brush

5# Eyeshadow Brush

6# Round Blooming Brush

7# Eyeshadow Brush

8# Eyebrow Brush

9# Eyeshadow Brush + Eyeshadow Sponge

10# Eyeshadow Brush

11# Eyeshadow Brush + Eyebrow Brush

12# Eyeliner Brush

13# Eyeshadow Brush + Ultra fine-eyeliner

14# Concealer Brush

15# Eyebrow Brush

16# Lip Brush

17# Eyeshadow Sponge

18# Eyeliner

19# Ultrafine- Eyeliner

20# Mascara Brush

How to cleaning UNIMEIX Makeup brushes

●When you like to use this brush daily then you have to clean this brush every time when you use it. First, run the bristles of brush under the running warm water.

●After that use a small amount of shampoo to bristles & leave it into light weather.

●Then rinse the bristles under the running water you will see that the water clearing the old tinted makeup from the brush.

●You have to continue rinsing until all colors need to remain clean from the brush.

●After finishing rinsing allow the brush into air-dry.

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