Sacha Cosmetics Face Powder for Makeup Foundation for beautiful girls

Q. Do you put on liquid foundation before powder?

A. After applying liquid foundation you have to be sure to cover your pimples (If you have any), that’s why you have to apply compact powder or loose foundation in those areas.

Q. What is Sacha Buttercup?

A. Sacha Buttercup is a setting face powder, which is totally flash-friendly with just only one shade. This face powder is suitable for all types of skin tone.

Q. What is cream to powder foundation?

A. If you want to have a long-lasting foundation with high coverage into your skin then you have to cream or powder which gives you excellent blend ability with silky finish.

Q. Are foundation sticks better than liquid?

A. The foundation is more versatile which gives the full coverage as concealer. It sticks great in oily or dry skin.

Q. Can I just wear foundation?

A. Yes, foundation is probably is the best option but in my recommendation you should also apply powder to just set your look right.

BUTTERCUP POWDER. Loose Translucent Face Powder makeup for medium to dark skin tones

Nowadays many women are very concern about their oily skin. Because of oily skin, they got lots of skin problems. That’s why Buttercup powder gives you the best face powder makeup which will give you a beautiful glowing face which you always prefer. Buttercup Powder which is produced by Sacha is one of the best seller face powder for women. With just one shade it completely suits all types of skin & all skin tones. It’s absorbed oily skins & help to keep matte for hours. It’s a perfect face powder for your daily wear.

About the Product

●Buttercup Powder is totally Flash-Friendly, you will never get ashy look or white cast when using flash or in bright light.

●It perfectly absorbs shine; this makeup powder is totally oil absorbent & oil-free. You won’t feel your skin greasy or oily for several hours.

●There is no cakiness in this powder. It helps to fill in fine lines & milled giving you a smooth, flawless finish.

●Buttercup Powder has multipurpose ingredients which you can use it to set your foundation, contour, highlight or bake.

●It’s one of the best makeup kit staples. If you need to change your whole face makeup you just only need to use Buttercup Powder.

Product Description

Buttercup powder is one of the best-selling face powders for women. It’s Amazon’s first choice setting powder. It’s completely flash friendly & does not give you white cast or ashy while capturing selfies or photos in bright lighting. It helps to reduce shine & absorb oil from your face. It’s available in two shapes BUTTERCUP for medium to dark skin tones & BUTTERCUP LIGHT for light skin.

Product Benefit

●Buttercup Powder is totally finely-mild, light-weight translucent powder which won’t clog pores or crease.

●It’s flash-friendly yellow setting powder & there is no ashy flashback. When you capture your pic with brightening light your face always ends up with the white cast which is very awful. It happens when your makeup is not flashback-safe. Buttercup powder is flash-friendly yellow setting powder so you never look ashy or chalky.

●It naturally blends into your skin & does not turn orange or oxidize over time.

●Using Daily Buttercup Powder will give you long time skin brightness.

●Sacha has two types of BUTTERCUP POWDER products. If your skin tones are medium-deep you can use Buttercup Powder or if your skin tones are light then use BUTTERCUP LIGHT.

●It’s especially recommended for those women who have darker skin tones.

●Buttercup Powder provides an incredibly smooth finish with finely milled.

●It helps to absorb oil & keep your face matte in an hour.

●When you use just apply it with a powder brush on your skin or you can set it your foundation for a sophisticated matte finish.

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