Exfoliating Calluses and Dead Skin Remover Foot Peel Mask for your beautiful foot

Q. Does a pedicure remove calluses?

A. Calluses are very hardened skin which can crack and hurt if they get very thick. So, while you pedicure please don’t let your salon technician use a razor on your feet, better you should do follow some basics tips at home. First you have to soak your feet with warm water at least for five minutes. Then you can use a foot file, pumice stone or any exfoliating scrub to remove all the calluses from your feet.

Q. How do you treat peeling skin on feet?

A. You have to wetting your feet in warm water for a few minutes, it will help your feet to loosen all the accumulated dead skin clean very easily with a pumice stone or you can use a foot brush. After then you have to soak your feet about 10 minutes. Then use a pumice stone into your foot and gently rub your dead skin cells after that wash your foot with clean water and let it dry them for a while.

2 Pairs Foot Peel Mask, Exfoliating Calluses

Women’s always want to keep their feet smooth & clean. That’s why Vena Beauty gives you one of the best Foot Peel masks which works great for exfoliating calluses & dead skin from your feet. This foot peel mask is 100% tested & certified for your feet. Vena Beauty Foot Peel Mask is perfectly designed to remove all types of hardened skin & dead cells from your feet. This pairs foot peel mask very effectively & very effortless and very simple to use. It also contains with natural Aloe Vera Scent which gives your feet beautiful smooth soft skin.

About the Product

●Vena Beauty Foot Peel Mask gives you smooth soft baby feet that you never have seen before. This mask provides you to remove all dead cells & cuticles and helps to restore your elastic, plump, radiant & soft feet. You will get smooth & soften feet in just 1-2 weeks.

●This is the perfect foot peel mask for soaking your feet. If you want to get a better result than after 48 hours of applying this mask you have to soak your feet in warm water, you will notice that your skin getting soft & smooth that you always wanted.

●Vena Beauty Foot Peel Mask is very easy & very comfortable to apply to your skin. It’s very easier to use. You can be used this as a common sock outside so that you can walk with comfort.

●This is a perfect family product. You can share this product with your family & your friends. Using this product, they will also be helpful & get benefits.

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●Vena Beauty Foot Peel Mask gives you exfoliates without giving your skin filing, scrubbing or scraping.

●This Foot Peel Mask helps to smooth your skin calluses.

●It also helps to address your rough skin to heels.

How to Use

● Step #1- First of all you have to clean & dry your feet then you have to take out the mask from the packet and cut the seal with scissors.

● Step #2- After that, you have to put the mask on the foot and press the outer layer of your mask to get your feet close to the essence. Then you have to tear off the red double-sided film from inside for seal opening. (You can also wear common socks for keeping the foot mask to close the skin, so you can get facilitate walking & work.)

● Step #3- After 2 hours later, you have to remove the foot mask & rinse it out before wiping it out with a dry towel.

● Step #4- After that, you have to cleanse your foot with some foot lotion to keep your feet smooth and moist. After 5-7 days, some of the horny layers will fall off from the feet gradually. The result will be so much better if you use hot water for a soak after 4 days.

● Step #5- After 1-2 weeks later those horny layers will fall off and give you baby-like tender & smooth feet.

● Step #6- You can initially use this foot mask after every 3 or 4 weeks. After that, you can use it regularly for the speed of individual keratin proliferation.

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